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Six reasons to choose an energy-saving double-glazed window


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  1. Reliable protection against the sun in summer.
  2. High degree of thermal protection in winter.
  3. Transparency from within – indoor illuminance preserved.
  4. Low reflectivity on the outside.


Glass ClimaGuard Solar allows you to significantly cut down expenses for room cooling in summer and to essentially improve thermal protection in winter.

ClimaGuard Solar is a multifunctional glass protecting from heat in summer and from cold in winter. Extra fine metal layers applied on the glass allow the glass to remain as clear as possible.

How it works

Special spraying of silver and other metals creates an effect of transparent filter that lets visible light pass through but essentially decreases penetration of solar heat inside in summer and leakage of heat in winter.


Sun protection

ClimaGuard Solar selectively lets pass or reflects electromagnetic waves of various length which solar radiation is comprised of: major part of infrared radiation that could heat the room, is reflected and passes through such glass just like through the regular glass. Therefore about 58% of thermal energy do not come inside thanks to the ClimaGuard Solar glass.


Thermal insulation

In cold weather glass keeps the heat inside the room. Silver coating on the ClimaGuard Solar glass reflects long wave radiation from heating devices, for example, towards inside the room preventing it from going outside.


  1. ClimaGuard Solar glass provides effective protection against the sun thus permitting expenses for air conditioning to be essentially cut down (solar factor 42%).
  2. High thermal resistance ratio reduces costs for room heating in cold seasons (heat preservation up to 78%).
  3. Visually transparent glass (no color misinterpretation).
  4. ClimaGuard Solar glass should be preferably used in projects where heat saving, solar protection and good natural indoor illuminance matter a lot.
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