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Six reasons to choose an energy-saving double-glazed window


1800 double-glazed windows a day! It’s not the limit!

“Shklyarus” LTD announces expansion of its manufacturing capabilities.


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231300 Belarus, Lida town, Sosnovaya street 3 «b»

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+375 154 61-12-61
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Mobile. +375 293897374

Our partners

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“GuardianGlassRyazan” LTD is the ninth European and first Russian project of the corporation Guardian Industries. This factory is one of the most up-to-date glass factories in the world. Factory “GuardianGlassRyazan” produces float glass – supreme quality sheet transparent. Specifications of the glass comply not only with the GOST and EN standards but also with more rigid standards of the company “Guardian”. Beside that the factory manufactures a wide range of glass with advanced technology coating.


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“VikorKomplekt” LTD is one of the leading companies in Belarus for comprehensive supply of its clients with all necessary components for the production of PVC windows and doors, mosquito nets, aluminium window constructions, products for assembly.


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Company “TBM Bel” is a Belarusian leader in the area of supply of components for the production of windows, doors and double-glazed windows. “TBM Bel” offers not only a full range of products of its warehouse programme, but also advisory services on intelligent solutions related to components issues and arrangement of technical process.


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Group Glasspro is one of the key suppliers of materials, chemical products, components and equipment for glass industry in Europe, owning a network of trade representations in the Baltic countries and Belarus.


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VBH is a professional brand in the field of window and door fittings. We are the world largest trading company having a wide product range of fittings for production and assembly of windows, doors and furniture that meet our customer needs. VBH is the most important international partner for German fittings industry.

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