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Six reasons to choose an energy-saving double-glazed window


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Six reasons to choose an energy-saving double-glazed window

When choosing new windows, a customer considers firstly whether they are made of plastic or wood, disregarding the fact that this plays little role for energy saving because materials framing translucent construction constitute a very small part in a window. But the area lights composing major part of double-glazed window’s square account for more than 40% of total heat loss in a building. Saving largest possible amount of heat by preventing it from leaving the room through the window can be achieved due to the use of ENERGY-SAVING DOUBLE-GLAZED WINDOW. Energy-saving double-glazed windows have a number of benefits in comparison not only to single chamber double-glazed windows made of regular types of glass but also to double chamber double-glazed windows composed of three glasses of the same kind.

Why are the energy-saving double-glazed windows better than double chamber double-glazed windows of three regular glasses?

  1. Energy-saving double-glazed window provides a 30% greater thermal resistance – around 0.61 m2K/W;
  2. Single chamber double-glazed window is by one third lighter than the widely-used double chamber one, i.e. it’s by one third less resource-demanding.
  3. Such double-glazed window is more acceptable for our climate.
  4. In an energy-saving double-glazed window essential decrease in hardware and hinge load reduces their wear thus expanding life of a frame structure.
  5. Double-glazed window with energy saving is really 20-30% cheaper than a double chamber one.
  6. Energy-saving double-glazed window considerably limits pass of ultraviolet rays inside the room which prevents furniture and window curtains from burning-out.


When buying windows we often choose to save money by opting for cheap, old-fashioned, unimproved technologies unadapted to our weather conditions. We have set forth an example of a technology that currently suits a customer best as far as quality-price ratio is concerned.

Let’s think for a while if it is right to buy something   that is desperately outdated?

Our company is working successfully with this technology and in our production we are using only quality glass «ClimaGuard N» «ClimaGuard Solar», «Sun-Guard High Performance» by the world-known company “Guardian” with suppliers and representatives all over the world.

One of the customer’s concerns is how to identify a glass with energy-saving coating. One of the most popular and affordable means of test is taking a fire closer to the glass to see how the reflection changes from yellow to red. The red color of the flame denotes an energy-saving coating.




What is ClimaGuard N» glass?

  1. Energy-saving glass with silver spraying.
  2. Efficiently retains heat indoors in winter.
  3. Reduces loss of heat.
  4. Increases temperature of the inner glass by six degrees (temperature in the centre, calculated value).
  5. It is produced in Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, Poland, Hungary. Vacuum-magnetron deposition technology enables application of transparent layers of silver atoms and silicon nitride (to protect silver). Thanks to the silver on the glass, we benefit from an effect similar to that in a vacuum flask: the heat stays inside and does not go to the atmosphere. Use of this glass reduces loss of heat by 15-20%.

What is «ClimaGuard Solar» glass?

This is a multifunctional glass protecting from heat in summer and from cold in winter. Extra fine metal layers applied on the glass allow the glass to remain as clear as possible. Special spraying of silver and other metals creates an effect of transparent filter that lets visible light pass through but essentially decreases penetration of solar heat inside in summer and leakage of heat in winter. In cold weather glass keeps the heat inside the room. Silver coating on the ClimaGuard Solar glass reflects long wave radiation from heating devices, for example, towards inside the room preventing it from going outside.


  1. ClimaGuard Solar glass provides effective protection against the sun thus permitting expenses for air conditioning to be essentially cut down (solar factor 42%).
  2. High thermal resistance ratio (0.65 m2K/W) reduces costs for room heating in cold seasons (heat preservation up to 78%).
  3. Visually transparent glass (no color misinterpretation).
  4. ClimaGuard Solar glass should be preferably used in projects where heat saving, solar protection and good natural indoor illuminance matter a lot.

What is «Sun-Guard High Performance» glass?


  1. Sun protection properties. Multifunctional glass «Sun-Guard HP» is able to filter sun rays based on their wavelength. Major part of heat radiation is reflected (blocking solar (heat) radiation) and natural light penetrates into the room practically unobstructed.
  2. Heat-insulating properties. Multifunctional glass «Sun-Guard HP» ensures advanced heat insulation (low thermal conductivity) in a double-glazed window, whose second glass is a regular transparent one.
  3. Wide choice of colors and hues.
  4. Advantages for end users. Employment of the multifunctional glass «Sun-Guard HP» cuts down expenses for air conditioning and heating of a building without compromising luminance and color rendering. Enhanced thermal insulation increases temperature of glass surface which reduces cold air flow and probability of condensation on the inner glass in cold climate and also reduces condensation on the outer glass of the façade in hot and humid climate.

One can choose any construction but we always remind our clients that only the right choice allows you not only to evade loss of heat and to reduce heating expenses but also to considerably decrease ingress of annoying street noise and, most important, your choice will secure long life for a construction with all its initial properties preserved.

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